Friday, June 18, 2010

The top eight Squidoo earners

Isn't the internet wonderful?  Well, I think the internet is wonderful.  Where else can you Google something to find an answer to something that might really interest you?  I remember back when I first found Wikipedia.  Oh, I absolutely love Wikipedia in what it represents.  A free encyclopedia of information ... no more hunting that Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia ... that was the reference books which we owned when I was a young one!  I see from the Wikipedia reference that "the last printing of Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia was in 1997!"

I also absolutely love Squidoo!  Squidoo has given me the greatest pleasure I have ever known when it comes to the free opportunity to write about my interests, hobbies, passions, and expertise.  I've been a member of Squidoo for what seems like an eternity in internet time ... over 4 years.  Prior to Squidoo, I maintained the top personal home page on ThirdAge for several years.  I created my first web page way way back on the CompuServe OurWorld platform.  I've not embraced any other writing site like I have embraced that of Squidoo.

When I received an email invitation from BzzAgent to join Squidoo on March 21, 2006, I really had no idea what was in store for me at Squidoo.  Squidoo has come a long way in the past 4+ years; I'm glad I was along for the ride!  You know, I wasn't motivated to write because of the opportunity to earn royalties and an income; I wrote because that's what I do ... I write; I express ideas; I like to stimulate conversation and thinking.  It is then, I sincerely think, an added blessing, that there have been royalties too!  It is like icing on my cake.

Today's Topicability blog post is a follow-up to a previous blog post of June 2, 2010 entitled, "The rock and roll of lensrank." Be sure to check out that post for a data chart of the top 12 Squidoo earners which we spotlighted as captured on May 31st ... namely Dagsmith, Pastiche, craftyville, MiaBellezza, rms, GonnaFly, Mulberry, Jimmie, spirituality, kab, noadi, and kiwisoutback.

On June 17, 2010, I did a bit of research that looked at more than 300 lensmasters to compile information for this article.  I looked at the stats which are public information.  This list does not include the added royalties from sales each of the lensmasters have made from their lenses.  That is information private to Squidoo and each of the lensmasters.  Those sales royalties are like gravy on your meatloaf or my award-winning meatloaf!

It was mentioned on the SquidU Forum that three lensmasters earned over $1,000 in the recent monthly payout and that a good number exceeded $500 in monthly royalties.  That's fabulous to think you can earn more than a little change for doing something that you absolutely love to do!  I'm personally looking for a $5,000 monthly payout.  That would make hubby happy, I think!

So ... say hello to the top eight Squidoo earners in the spotlight today ... the top row would be our top earners! Across the top, left to right in descending order of earned royalties: Dagsmith, craftyville, and Pastiche.  Second row, left to right in descending order:  MiaBellezza, Mulberry, and rms.  Last row, left to right in descending order: GonnaFly and spirituality.

Here is some of the captured data that put these lensmasters in the spotlight:

The chart details the number of lenses in the Top 100 overall on Squidoo, along with a breakout of how many lenses each lensmaster has in the top tier and tier #2.  The top tier is the cream of the crop of Squidoo; the top 2,000 quality lenses by lensrank.  The second tier encompasses lenses with lensranks from 2,001 to 10,000.  When you think about the over one million lenses on the Squidoo platform, tiers one and two positioning equates to a "holy purple cow" and a "wow" respectively!  Oh yeah!

An interesting stat on the chart is the percentage of the total number of lenses which are in the two top tiers.  To have one-half to three-fourths of all the lenses a lensmaster has authored occupying one of those two tiers is pretty amazing!  I think it is also interesting to see just how many lenses an author has authored; the more lenses authored = the more lenses in the top tiers!  And, it is also interesting to see just how many other people's lenses these lensmasters have rated.  It is good to see community spirit and participation too!

Well, thanks for dropping by today.  We hope you enjoyed the show!  And, I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep.  Oh ... by the way ... Here is my Squidoo lensmaster referral if you care to join and see if you can get your lenses into those top two tiers! Tell 'em JaguarJulie sent ya.

UPDATE: Alas! Squidoo is no more and the allure of being a top-earning Squidoo lensmaster has shifted. Now everybody is over at HubPages. Some of the fun and games have transferred over as well. But, it will be a short time before shenanigans are routed out and dealt with appropriately by HQ.

Find me minding my hubs as Julie Ann Brady at HubPages - ever the modest one, you know?


Poddys said...

Great job Julie. It just seems sad to me that some lensmasters in that group have hardly rated any other lenses, and are therefore not taking part in the Squidoo community.

It surprised me too that I didn't even know 4 of these top lensmasters. I know times are changing and we have new people all the time, but you never see some of them. I guess they just work on building lenses instead.

I must admit though, I could use $1,000 a month from Squidoo!

Jaguar Julie said...

Tony, hey hey hey buddy! You and me both could use an extra $1,000 a month. You know, being able to count on that $1,000 each and every month can help to ease one's mind.

For us, that would mean a lot ... especially WHEN you consider we've had two non-paying tenants from which we expected that amount, and more, x2 monthly!

Well, Tony, I've been charting the top lensmasters now for longer than just this year. Wouldn't you like to see a how-to ebook with tips from those top lensmasters? You know ... how to get to the top and earn royalties?

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

I guess it's all about focus and a one-track mind. It's interesting to see that you really can create a nice side income with Squidoo.

Considering the quality AND quantity of your work, Julie - I thought you'd be up there in that group.

Jaguar Julie said...

Well you know Achim, if we take a closer look at the top three, we do notice the are sticking with their "top" niches! Let's see, photo editing, origami crafts, and clipart/coloring pages. It would seem that those are the topics people are searching for, you know?

Hey, YOU! How about some stuffed cabbage rolls? I'll make those and you bring the knockwurst and sauerkraut! Deal or no deal?

Christine P. said...

There are a number of people actually that I would have expected in the top 8 that aren't there. But, I suppose if you make most of your money through affiliate income or your own products via Squidoo then that income certainly won't show up in Squidoo stats. There may be people who "profit" a great deal more but aren't featured here for that reason.

I market affiliate products on Squidoo but also quite a lot of Amazon stuff. I use the Squidoo modules for that so that some of that income goes back to Squidoo. It only seems fair.

Jaguar Julie said...

Hello Christine! Yes, I surely do hear you as I based my research on the public data which provides a really good look at the top earners!

And I too use the Amazon/eBay modules to share the royalties with HQ. Those I use the most rather than straight affiliate. I think the art posters would be the first choice for me as I love the art that is available. But, yes for the most part, with me, it is a split with HQ.

Mary Beth said...

Julie...thank you for a very interesting look at the Squidoo top earners. There is so much we can learn from study those who succeed.

Jeffryv said...

Then of course there are the lensmasters with multiple accounts ( Chuckle )

Jaguar Julie said...

Hey Jeffry, yes we've graciously mentioned knowing that there are multiple lensmasters, prominent lensmasters, with multiple accounts. You are right about the inference, as they could surely skew the results and we "really wouldn't know it." Eh? ;)

SandyPeaks said...

Thanks for confirming the identity of these top lensmasters - I keep running into their lenses so their names came as no surprise to me! Mind you, I keep tripping over yours too, so I guess you're not so far behind (;-)

Thanks so much for the inspiration!

muchhala said...

Great post Julie. This is really inspiring for a budding Squid like me! I have just 3 lenses and 1 of them is in tier 2. Thanks for your post. :)