Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stuck on the toilet oh my

We have finally come to the end of a series of blog posts ... and for that I am particularly thankful. We've taken a pretty close view of the premium sponsored result ads from Chitika. In a sense, we will now show you that there seems to be perhaps a bit of an improvement.

We had been stuck on the toilet, oh my! What do I mean by that? Well, a couple of days ago, I searched on "toilet seat" within Squidoo. And, it was those two keywords which got stuck for the next couple of days, despite all attempts of protest and clearing the caches, rebooting, and trying other keyword searches!  So, that is the title of this blog post today, "Stuck on the toilet oh my!"

From June 15, 2010, here is Exhibit A:

Take a closer look at those results. I'm hoping that they can get to be more right; more precise; more helpful; more spot-on and relevant. How about you? Do you have any feelings about that? Yes, no or maybe?

And, now for a couple of days later, here is Exhibit B:

So, that Exhibit B was taken two days later, on June 17, 2010 and after the cache had been cleared and new keywords had been searched. Funny, I do have a sense of humor about all this, not a wicked sense of humor, but a sense of humor no less! Why is that crazy Chitika ad stuck on the toilet? Oh me, oh my! Well, at least it is getting a little more relevant you know.

You know, I know, because I do talk about A Quiet Toilet by Comfort Seats and take 2, Quiet Elongated Toilet Seats by Comfort Seats.  So, I get the subtle humor of it all that the toilet ads keep playing out for me day in and day out.

For me, if I am going to sit on it, give me a quiet, elongated, pale pink toilet seat by Comfort Seats!  Ah, what's the etiquette about talking about toilets in public I wonder?

By the way!  I want to tell you just how thrilled hubby and I are with our Comfort Seats elongated toilet seats.  You see, we have a pale pink one in our guest toilet, I originally wanted HOT PINK to go with the fuchsia-painted walls, but I thought that would be a bit too much.  The pale pink looks absolutely marvelous, my dears!  And, in our master toilet, we now have the pale yellow.  Ah, that color reminds me of the lemon sherbet color that I want to paint the master bedroom.  Now, to find time for that!

Have a great day everyone.  May your day be a blessed one ... and may you not get stuck on the toilet ... oh my!


Jaguar Julie said...

Well, remember I asked about the etiquette of talking about toilet seats in public? Gosh! Toilet seats have surely hit the bigtime folks. Yesterday I noticed that toilet seats have their OWN fan page on Facebook? Oh me oh my! Isn't that remarkable?

And, then I noticed next that someone else coincidentally has the same debate on their Squidoo lens ... you know, elongated vs. round? Wow, who would have thunk that we'd be debating toilet seats? No ifs, ands or BUTTS about it. Ah, sit on it already!

Make sure it IS an elongated toilet seat though. Say, that is a link to my debate in case you still want to debate it. I'm taking a backseat now ... see ya!

Holly Day Team said...

There was a time etiquette required to speak to your friends while sitting on the toilets, therefore, we don't have to worry too much about etiquette here either, don't you think so?
Cheers :)

Jaguar Julie said...

Oh me, oh my ... Dom, and we would say we have come far with our etiquette? Hey there, hope you are doing well.