Sunday, April 11, 2010

A SquidCast about the Sidebar

Ah, today's post is "A SquidCast about the Sidebar" ... a SquidCast about the sidebar widget employed recently on my Stuffed Cabbage lens in particular.

Are you SquidCasting? Yes, no, maybe? Are you SquidCasting more or less than previously? I've not done any serious analysis on the frequency of my SquidCasts, but I have noticed that some lensmasters have obviously picked up the frequency on their SquidCasting.

With a little investigation by looking at the source code of my Stuffed Cabbage lens, I figured out the "link" for a particular Sidebar Widget that I wanted to spotlight in my last SquidCast.

It's imperative that you start your SquidCast home page for your Squidoo lenses. Here is the SquidCast home page for my Stuffed Cabbage lens. Once you've done your first SquidCast, you will find that home page populated with your SquidCast and subsequent SquidCasts.

Going to my Stuffed Cabbage SquidCast home page, I can click on the titles of each SquidCast to get that specific SquidCast dedicated page. The SquidCast I created on April 9, 2010 The Very Best Stuffed Cabbage Rolls should be ... IS "A Squidcast about the Sidebar."

An interesting observation about SquidCasts. Some lensmasters have been talking much about creating good SquidCasts. That's not the subject of this blog post.

What I have noticed, as I scroll my favorites tab on my dashboard with the SquidCasts queueing up sequentially, is that "people" are either ignoring SquidCasts, or, for the most part, if they visit a SquidCast, they are NOT commenting on them! Why is that?

Go to your favorites tab, select to view 25 SquidCasts. Now scroll down the list and see how many comments you can count. Are you seeing a bunch of zeroes next to the comments? I know I see interesting SquidCasts out of the 25 listed; why do those NOT have any comments? I've recently done my part to add a "1" to those comments. Did I visit one of YOUR SquidCasts?

OK ... this one is pretty interesting, with a touch of humor. You need to follow through to "GET IT." You see, afterall, it is a "SquidCast about the Sidebar."

#1 Visit the SquidCast that I created on April 9, 2010 The Very Best Stuffed Cabbage Rolls should be ... IS "A Squidcast about the Sidebar." That will set you up to as an introduction to the Sidebar Widget.
I am channeling a message that I received telepathically or should I say, spiritually, from my grandma Julia Nagy ... She is rolling over in her grave.

#2 Find the Sidebar Widget on my Stuffed Cabbage lens that has the rest of the "story."

A Dutch Oven for YOUR Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

P.S. If you are planning on making Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, you need a good Dutch Oven. Why not try the Lodge Logic Dutch Oven with Loop Handles! I know my grandma Julia Nagy made great Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in her Dutch Oven. And, Hey Monkeybrain! What are you waiting for? Go comment on somebody's SquidCast already. Happy Sunday!!!