Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Milestone on Squidoo

Over the past several years, we, as Squidoo lensmasters, have read and heard about many a milestone as experienced by fellow lensmasters. Milestones come in many shapes and sizes for us writers. On the platform of Squidoo, a milestone can mean an overall top lens, a lens in the Top 100, a lens of the day, creating 50 quality lenses to become a Giant Squid or creating 100 quality lenses to become a Giant Squid 100 Club status, a purple star for a quality lens, and it can even mean celebrating a memorable anniversary!
A milestone is one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road or boundary at intervals of one mile or occasionally, parts of a mile. --Thank you Wikipedia!
Within the framework of project management, a milestone is the end of a stage that marks the completion of a work package or phase, typically marked by a high level event such as completion, endorsement or signing of a deliverable, document or a high level review meeting. --Thanks again Wikipedia
Today is March 21, 2006 and it means that I, JaguarJulie, am celebrating my own personal milestone on Squidoo. Today marks my 4th anniversary as a Squidoo lensmaster. Bright and early, my first task that I wanted to accomplish was to share my special day on the SquidU Forum. Thank you Squidoo for my 4-year anniversary milestone today!

I started writing my post just before 9am and published it at 9:35am. That is of significance as there is a fellow lensmaster Rick Phillips who is also celebrating his 4-year anniversary today. And, remarkably, unplanned, he was posting on the SquidU Forum at the same time, publishing at 9:37am his post, Joined Squidoo 4 Years Ago Today - The Results.

If you want to know a bit more about what this 4-year anniversary milestone means to me, catch my SquidU Forum post.  I've shared my personal mantra that has been my driver for more than a decade online, "Be the best that YOU can be! Be authentic, original and unique."  And along those lines, "Reach for the stars!  Sparkle and shine."  You know it is important to be authentic and yourself!  "Don't be a CopyCat."  Ah, yes!  "Be the best that YOU can be!"

cat attitude by Jaguar Julie

Do you want to know what my favorite gadgets are? Here are a few that I own and love! Yep, they are a little older like me! While I would love to have the latest and greatest, sometimes you need to celebrate what you have and make the most of it. For me, I am making the most of it with my Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod nano, and FujiFilm FinePix V10!

And, I am still making the best and most of it over on Squidoo as JaguarJulie, a lensmaster "since March 21 2006, who has rated 7,147 lenses, favorited 537, and has created 637 lenses from scratch. This member's top-ranked page is Stuffed Cabbage. 1,775 people are fans."  Thank you Squidoo hugely for the 4-year anniversary milestone today!  You rock seriously.

UPDATE: I made the most of Squidoo until September 4, 2014 when the transport pulled my Squidoo lenses and moved them to HubPages! Find me there as Julie Ann Brady on HubPages.