Friday, August 7, 2009

With All the Changes In Our Daily Life

With All the Changes In Our Daily Life, Oh My, If We Could Just OPT OUT! Hello my fellow lensmasters, friends, family, and countrymen. I've been rather lax, I know, on being topicable and frequent with my Topicability blog posts. You see, there has been SO much going on, that it has been a challenge to pick just one topic to write about. I don't want you to think that there has been nothing important for me to write about -- I've been seeing plenty of my friends and comrades doing a remarkable job of manning and womaning their blogs, so I was taking a back seat and waiting for my turn.

Well, today I would like to share something a little different. This is a true communication recently received. The names have been kept anonymous to protect those who want to opt out. Yes, I am big enough to admit that I too have wanted to opt out of some of those things that aren't much fun or that seem to put a drain on your energy and creativity. But that this would be that easy, eh? So, as you read this heartfelt plea, let me know if it touches a chord or if you echo much of the same sentiment.

I'd love to get your comments -- show this blog a little love. It surely could use YOUR love today! Peace!!!
Dear Friend,

Hoping you are well amidst all these unbelievable happenings in our beautiful country. However, due to my now sharing my email address, I am requesting all my relatives and friends to no longer forward any political messages ... I will only be accepting normal and funny and good stuff that doesn't reflect any political party ... one way or another. As a matter of fact, none in our huge family, want to discuss politics any longer, because of too much division ... and as a family we want to remain united and not have disagreements over matters that look like we won't have any say.

So, I hope you understand because I know you are a true patriot and an active person in your party, but we have decided not to email our political preferences, even tho I know you and I are on the same track. Also, life is just too short to spend getting upset as I find myself doing lately. Every time I turn on the news, my blood pressure goes up and at our age, we can't let anything happen because we are being told our health doesn't matter if we are not a contributing young member of society. So let us just live love and laugh and hope miracles will soon happen.

Love you dear beautiful people ... did I tell you you look fabulous dahling?