Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Honest Conversation About Squidoo

Today I would like to share something very real. Some of my personal "honest conversation about Squidoo." This really happened, it is original and authentic. It's not terribly unique as you may have heard it before, but it surely warrants repeating, I think.  It is my take, my uniqueness.

Have we NOT heard volumes about people making thousands and thousands of dollars with Squidoo? Well, I do believe in cumulative we might be able to say that so-and-so has made "some" thousands of dollars as you know there are a number of us lensmasters who have been Squidooing for over 4 years.

Gosh, there are several lensmasters that I personally know of who've been there longer than me. I started on March 21, 2006. Can you believe, some lensmasters started in the 4th quarter of 2005??? Oh my, now that is impressive. And, even more impressive is the fact that THEY are still talking about Squidoo.

So, today a fellow lensmaster contacted me with a question.
Hello Julie, I was wondering if you sometimes give help to Squidooers. I do not make much money with my lenses, sometimes I feel like giving up. Warmly, --Your fellow Squidoo lensmaster.
Curious about my reply? Well, let me tell you that my reply was sent within 15 minutes of receiving that email. It was the serendipity of the time of day I suspect which warranted such a quick and honest reply. Here is THAT "honest conversation about Squidoo" by me:
First of all, good to hear from you. It seems like such a long time since we first met? Yes?

Secondly ... you have touched on a chord that resonates with many a lensmaster. My take on it is that Squidoo is a wonderful platform for composing and writing about your passions, interests, expertise ... it is wonderful how you can self-publish your knowledge, get indexed, get visitors, and sometimes make a little royalty.

Because some people have promoted Squidoo as a money-making site, it has given some people the wrong motivations ... I really think that Squidoo itself has a lot of say over WHO or WHAT will be money-making. I really think the "money-making" should not be the primary motivation, but if you build it, if you do what you love and it shows, then there will be some rewards ... some will be financial ... some will be in the friendships you can forge which will last past Squidoo.

Squidoo is just part of the puzzle ... I like to put it into perspective ... what was I doing before Squidoo? What will I be doing AFTER Squidoo? What has Squidoo taught me.

ALL that is priceless my dear.