Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Blog Blog and You Reach Milestone

It is amazing to note the number of search results from doing a Google web search for "blog." What is equally amazing is to note that Seth Godin is the #4 blog listed after 2 Google sites and Wikipedia. That is pretty darn good remarkable -- especially considering that searching on "blog" yields some 2,890,000,000 results! That's nearly 3 billion. Wow.

google web search for blog
  1. Blogger: Create your free blog
    Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world.
  2. Blog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a website, usually maintained by an individual ...
  3. Official Google Blog
    Official weblog, with news of new products, events and glimpses of life inside Google.
  4. Seth's Blog
    Seth Godin's riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.
Today is a noteworthy day in that Seth Godin achieved his 3,000 consecutive blog post. It's further noteworthy in that to be able to have 3,000 relevant, topical posts is a remarkable accomplishment.
In the Summer of 2000, I was introduced to Seth Godin's writings when I received a copy of his Permission Marketing from a fellow webmaster. After that, one by one, I would receive more of Seth Godin's books through my work with BzzAgent.

My very first blog post was over four years ago on December 22, 2004. Looking back to that blog post, what resonates with me today is this:
... it is important to have relevant and current content. Market or promote your blog by trading links ... use a lot of outbound links.
It makes just as much sense today that blog posts should be topical, relevant, and spot-on to be worthy of readers. Additionally, a blog achieves more credibility when other bloggers are backlinking to the blog.

May I recommend that you read Seth's blog post for today AND that you also take some time to read the Wikipedia entry for a blog. I've been a fan of Wikipedia for eons; there is really no other place comparable on the internet where a reader can find such a conglomeration of information that rivals the old hard-copy enclycopedias. Reading about the history and evolution of the blog reveals some amazing facts about bloggers.

A blog can be mightier than the sword! A blog can lead to 'other things.' Take Julie Powell for example. She wrote a blog about her experiences mastering the cooking of Julia Child. That blog led to a book, which led to a movie! That's pretty cool I think.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Competing for the top lensrank

squidoo for charityCompeting for the top lensrank = earning charity dollars. I've just taken a look at the Top 100 listed lenses in several categories. Some rather surprising lenses -- no, I didn't have the time to visit each and every one of these. In some categories, I'm seeing multiple lenses on the SAME topics -- I personally would like to see more of a variety. And, be a little more topical on the topics; i.e., if holiday related and the holiday is past. ;)

The lure of many a new lensmaster joining Squidoo can probably be chalked up to the enticement of sharing in the thousands of dollars that some lensmasters say they are earning each month. There are plenty of ebooks out there instructing lensmasters how they can earn boatloads of money online. This is a tough economy; people have financial issues and are watching their budgets. I personally wouldn't want to get wealthy at the expense of putting another person in debt. But, that's me.

I'm of the belief that you need to "show me the money" before I believe all those claims about lensmasters or affiliates making thousands of dollars a month. I can believe that some lensmasters are making $100, $200, $300 or possibly $400 per month off their lenses -- but it is becoming less of a viable earning platform when you consider that you are competing with over 850,000 lenses rankling for a lensrank in the Top Tier which might pay $10-$11 for that position. Remember, the Top Tier only encompasses the top 2,000 lenses.

The enticement to join Squidoo has also brought with it some pretty spammy and non-quality lenses, recently referred to as SquidJunk. Well, I don't like spam and I surely don't like junk. Thankfully, there are efforts underway to address the spam and the junk -- thank you!

OK, here is what I propose and I'm sure this will be received with mixed reviews. Change the lensrank tier position royalties to automatically default to charity. Let the lensmaster select which charity or charities they would like to earmark their royalties to benefit. That could be the first step ... how do you feel about this?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I seek comfort in Stuffed Cabbage

stuffed cabbage wordleIn times like these, I seek comfort in Stuffed Cabbage. In the past 4 weeks, much has been happening -- here, there, and everywhere. It's a time to turn to some comfort food like Stuffed Cabbage. My grandmother, Julia Nagy, bless her heart, taught me to make stuffed cabbage rolls. Our family has carried on her name through her many fabulous Hungarian and Czechoslovakian recipes.

A couple of Sundays ago, I made a huge pot of stuffed cabbage rolls that lasted us for the entire week. I've now got a request in, from one of our workers, to make this again really soon.

Today there were a lot of topical happenings over at Squidoo. Early in the morning, I received an email, from another lensmaster, alerting of a new spam filter that was snagging good lensmasters' content-rich lenses. Well, that was enough for me NOT to do any updating as Squidoo's staff is small and I wouldn't want to add to their work to hand-review any lenses.

I've taken some time today to check into the Squidu Forum -- it certainly is reassuring to see that Megan and Seth both have taken time to ensure us lensmasters that good things are being done to address the issues. Oh, and they encouraged us good lensmasters to perhaps blog about some of our GREAT lenses! Well, look no further ... this is one of my lenses that I am quite proud of ... and because of my grandmother, Julia Nagy, this lens was able to be written.
Thank you grandma ... I love you and miss you dearly!
PS Like that image? I sure do -- it's the stuffed cabbage wordlet available from www.wordle.net.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lensrank tanking for some lensmasters

Why is lensrank tanking for some lensmasters? The funniest thing about lensrank -- for some lensmasters lenses, their lensrank is tanking and in the toilet while other lensmasters are NOT experiencing such a tanking. Perhaps it is because of a new algorithm? Or because of more Giant Squids sharing in the wealth? I'm hoping that because I've started blogging more and am taking a look at some topical topics objectively, that there isn't a correlation to this apparent tanking. To be fair, ethical, objective, and evaluated on the same scale across the board -- is that too much to ask?

My THREE year anniversary with Squidoo is one-month away! For me, this is really quite an incredibly long period of time to be involved with one 'project.' I've held the passion and convictions that what I am doing is of value and worthy of my time. During these three years, I have spent COUNTLESS hours working on creating unique lenses, some of which are my 'pride and joy' although one wouldn't be able to tell by lack of a desirable higher lensrank. I've taken lots of grief from my hubby who has asked me way too many times if I was making more than $1.00 per hour with this 'hobby.' Squidoo has given me the opportunity to express myself through my lenses that I've not had the pleasure to experience ANYWHERE else.

In the past three years, I have achieved the 'honors' of Giant Squid, Giant Squid 100 Club, 2008 Giant Squid of the Year, Squid Angel, Lens of the Day three times, and 2008 Best Cooking lens, among a few other nice honors. I have not yet been tapped as a Citizen Squid -- that would have been nice though. I've created over 402 lenses and 6 groups and done my best to be a positive contributor on the forum. Through my private mentoring, I've helped many a lensmaster. Through the power of Squidoo, I've had the distinct pleasure to become online friends with so many wonderful PEOPLE -- people who matter to me ... Hello, you undoubtedly know WHO you are.

Recently, my lenses were HIT by a speed-rater who might have been disgruntled for some reason -- I can't speak for them as I don't know why. HQ was great in helping to remedy MY problem. Thanks Gil. And, thanks to Blake, Corey, Kimberly, Megan, and Seth -- and anyone else that I might have missed.

As Squidoo has exploded and grown to nearly one million lenses, there are a lot of issues to deal with -- how to handle all those bugs in a timely fashion with such a small staff is a top concern. How to handle all those lensmasters with multiple accounts; I'm not going to discuss that here -- I can well understand what I read about this in many a lensmasters' blog. What about non-authentic content; or God forbid plagiarism? What about all those many lenses on the same topics and the same questionable topics? Oh my! What about spam, one stars, locked lenses, being nasty to other lensmasters? That's not good at all. My grandmother Julia Nagy taught me that I should treat others as I would have them treat me; AND, if I didn't have something nice to say, to not say anything at all.

Squid Angels, and others with the power, can only do so much to ding those SPAMMY lenses to move them out of the top tiers so that the deserving lenses have the better lensrank. Squid Angels are human after all.

But, why is lensrank tanking for SOME lensmasters? In the following graphic, you see three columns of numbers which are squidoo lensrank for lenses. In each row, you see the lensrank day #1, day #2, and day #3. The numbers show the progression of lensrank downward in just days for lenses.

squidoo lensrank tanking in the toilet

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Traffic and Lensrank - Follow-Up

The other day, I discussed how total traffic cannot be the only factor in determining a high ranking in the Top 100. Today, I wanted to follow up in my non-scientific analysis to revisit some randomly selected lenses to see how traffic stacks up against other lenses in the Top 100.

For an interesting comparison, I will show the same lensrank from both days, with a comparison of the seven-day, total week traffic and current lensrank. These are NOT necessarily the same lenses! The listing in red is the lens and associated lensrank and traffic from the other day. Today's ranking and associated traffic is in green. I've added a few lenses to the mix, so the previous day's visits are not easily known. You'll note that some lenses seem to be getting LOTS of traffic -- those visits are bolded. For the most part, these lenses with lots of traffic are hitting the topicability index for what's hot in the news or for the past holiday of Valentine's Day. Those lenses one would normally expect to be in the Top 100 overall.

#1 Lens -- Total Traffic: 975 visits this week
#1 Lens -- Total Traffic: 983 visits this week

#3 Lens --
Total Traffic: 949 visits this week
#3 Lens -- Total Traffic: 783 visits this week

#9 Lens -- Total Traffic: 462 visits this week
#9 Lens -- Total Traffic: 3,847 visits this week

#12 Lens -- Total Traffic: 460 visits this week

#14 Lens -- Total Traffic: 452 visits this week

#15 Lens -- Total Traffic: 306 visits this week
#15 Lens -- Total Traffic: 291 visits this week

#28 Lens -- Total Traffic: 474 visits this week
#28 Lens -- Total Traffic: 995 visits this week
#38 Lens -- Total Traffic: 248 visits this week
#38 Lens -- Total Traffic: 5,667 visits this week

#56 Lens -- Total Traffic: 1,414 visits this week

#58 Lens -- Total Traffic: 265 visits this week
#58 Lens -- Total Traffic: 2,323 visits this week

#66 Lens -- Total Traffic: 447 visits this week
#66 Lens -- Total Traffic: 3,564 visits this week

#80 Lens -- Total Traffic: 1,432 visits this week
#80 Lens -- Total Traffic: 6,426 visits this week
#81 Lens -- Total Traffic: 841 visits this week
#81 Lens -- Total Traffic: 604 visits this week

#82 Lens -- Total Traffic: 269 visits this week
#82 Lens -- Total Traffic: 5,710 visits this week

#83 Lens -- Total Traffic: 17 visits this week
#83 Lens -- Total Traffic: 1,033 visits this week

Buy Quality Bag Lenses

best bags on squidooBuy Quality Bag Lenses - Created by Jaguar Julie. Are you into authentic designer handbags like I am? Perhaps you are a bag lady or actually know a bag lady. Well, I've got an assortment of lenses that I've spent many an hour researching, creating and maintaining. These lenses are now ripe for the picking!

Check the list below to get a look at which lenses I am willing to part with -- at the right price! So what might the right price be? Well, many a prominent lensmaster has discussed how to attach the right price tag to a lens -- but, if you are into designer handbags, you probably have a good idea how much you want to pay.

For more information on why I am selling my lenses, look NO further for the truth than here, and here and here! Oh, and the country club cats thank you for your interest!

UPDATE: Squidoo key content has been acquired by HubPages ... and some of our content went there whilst some of our content got moved!
  • Best Backpacks for Work and School
  • Neoprene Lunch Totes -- For Work and School
  • Best Bags -- A Top Ten Countdown
  • Coach Company -- Designer Handbags, Accessories and Footwear!
  • The Best Bags Ever
Folks! At one time us Squidoo lensmasters were able to transfer purchased lenses to other lensmasters. That ability was removed. And, then, Squidoo was acquired by HubPages. In the meantime, I attracted an internet troll who established multiple accounts on Squidoo for the purpose of one-starring my lenses. He started with the handbag lenses. Why? Because that was what HE wrote about. Thankfully, Squidoo dealt with him. He moved on the HubPages ... and was banned. How about that? Beware of bag salesmen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Topicability of Traffic

The Topicability of Traffic - It's Just NOT Enough. A really hot topic these days is still lensrank. Normally, a higher lensrank position would be equitable to higher traffic. But, because of other factors that is not always the case. To illustrate this phenomenon, I have randomly selected several lenses and looked at the seven-day, total week traffic and current lensrank. Have a look for yourselves:

#1 Lens -- Total Traffic: 975 visits this week
#3 Lens -- Total Traffic: 949 visits this week
#9 Lens -- Total Traffic: 462 visits this week
#15 Lens -- Total Traffic: 306 visits this week
#28 Lens -- Total Traffic: 474 visits this week
#38 Lens -- Total Traffic: 248 visits this week
#58 Lens -- Total Traffic: 265 visits this week
#66 Lens -- Total Traffic: 447 visits this week
#80 Lens -- Total Traffic: 1,432 visits this week
#81 Lens -- Total Traffic: 841 visits this week
#82 Lens -- Total Traffic: 269 visits this week
#83 Lens -- Total Traffic: 17 visits this week

jaguarjulie lensrank 80 traffic 7 daysAs I am quite familiar with one of these lenses listed above, I know that it's best lensrank overall has been #4. It's had a lot of Google love for quite some time after being created in late 2007. This lens is a rather niche-like topic and not the standard fodder for most lenses. But, this lens has gained in popularity since 2008 thanks to the online buzz and also thanks to Martha Stewart.

Well, obviously online buzz and Martha Stewart can only do so much to contribute to a Top 100 ranking for a lens. It's been noticed that this lens has slipped in rankings. So, what has changed? There is a hypothesis that such a slip in the ranking of this lens is due #1 to a change in algorithm or #2 a lack of squid angels' blessings or #3 more squid angels' blessings for other lenses or #4 the dreaded squid angel ding -- but, we don't think #4 is the reason as we are optimists and believe that the lovely people behind the scenes would see that a high-ranking lens had received a ding and then swiftly remove it.

Many factors are considered when objectively ranking lenses -- perhaps the number of lensmasters who have rated the lens and favorited it; number of click-outs; total sales; and a variety of other factors that can be implemented to keep you on your toes and working on keeping your lenses fresh and loaded with quality content.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finished my first year at Squidoo

Hi, nice to meet you - I've finished my first year at Squidoo. Well, hello there -- it sure is nice to meet you! I'm a Squidoo lensmaster -- you can call me Janice Doe as I represent many a top-notch lensmaster who has finished their first full year at Squidoo. Many of us took on the challenge of becoming a Giant Squid and actually were fortunate enough to get accepted into the honorable Giant Squid 100 Club! What's that you might ask -- well check out Jaguar Julie's Giant Squid lens for a bit more information.

Attaining the coveted honor of Giant Squid means quite a few perks -- to demonstrate that in tangible data is to look at the following monthly royalties chart for the first full year of a lensmaster. Royalties earned cumulatively for the first 10 months of the year when compared to earnings for the last 2 months alone equalled 80% of that total. In other words, in 2 months alone, those total royalties exceeded the previous 10 months by 20%! How come? Well, a lot of hard work #1 is the primary reason! No spamming or spammy lenses went into this lensmaster's work! Also, since this lensmaster qualified for the Giant Squid 100 Club, that meant their portfolio included upwards of 150 lenses!

Squidoo royalties first year as a Giant Squid
Are you on Squidoo yet?

Well, why not join me there and start writing about your passions and hobbies.

Share a recipe or two; talk about a family vacation; show that you are an expert on a certain topic; or tackle a genealogical research topic!

Lensmaster Newbie - Squidoo earnings

Hello, I'm a Lensmaster Newbie - What about my earnings? So you've found your way to Squidoo -- [that's my lensography to give you an idea of what I've written] and you've started by building your first lens! Yippee -- this is very exciting stuff. You've probably written a remarkable lens on a fabulous recipe that has been handed down through your family -- you've included terrific instructions and great pictures.

 Oh, and to get your lens noticed, you've introduced yourself on the Squidu Forum and then asked for a critique in the correct thread. You have built it and now "they" are coming! Ah, your next step was to announce this terrific lens to the world, in a non-spammy way, via the available social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and maybe Tagfoot.

Oh, did you forget to include some Amazon spotlight modules that complement your lens so that you might sell something directly from your lens? That's one of my favorite selling modules -- and then there are others like eBay, etsy, and Cafepress.

Squidoo monthly royalties of a newbie
This is a chart of monthly royalties paid to a Squidoo Newbie -- in the first year. The first month showing a whopping monthly royalty of $0.96 was for 18 lenses! The next month, 4 received $0.78; followed by 22 earning $5.41; and the fourth month earning a royalty of $10.33 for 40 lenses. The best monthly royalty for the first year of this newbie was $28.48 for approximately 40 lenses.

Why this blog post? There are a LOT of reasons -- but basically getting down to some honest no-nonsense business. If you are thinking you are going to earn thousands and thousands of dollars right out of the shoot on Squidoo, that is an unrealistic goal, at best. But, if you want to make a contribution to a great community and be allowed the opportunity to create a great lens using some terrific building block modules, then you have come to the right place! If you are of the thinking that you have something important to share and can have your writings published, then you will love it here! That was my motivation when I started -- I wrote about my passions and then branched out. In 2006 I had a few dozen lenses; today I have over 400!

Are you on Squidoo yet? Well, why not join me there and start writing about your passions and hobbies; share a recipe or two; talk about a family vacation; show that you are an expert on a certain topic; or tackle a genealogical research topic!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Evelyn Wood returns tonight

Evelyn Wood returns tonight to continue what she started in mid January! If you read my blog post the other day, there was much discussion about an Evelyn Wood type speed reader from New Jersey--according to the mapped IP location--we have the street and city--who is rating lenses quickly -- not because they can, but because they want to leave one stars. They believe the one stars will lower the ratings of the lenses, although that is really not the case. If they wanted to show they DIDN'T like the lens, they would leave ZERO or NO stars. By speed rating, they are actually pushing my overall ratings as a lensmaster higher with this one star show of support.

Here are their logged visits for tonight -- pretty quick business. Pretty unhappy person this speed rater!

9th February 2009 07:24:19 PM
9th February 2009 07:24:25 PM
9th February 2009 07:24:49 PM
9th February 2009 07:25:07 PM
9th February 2009 07:25:58 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:11 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:15 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:31 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:35 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:44 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:48 PM
9th February 2009 07:26:56 PM
9th February 2009 07:27:02 PM
9th February 2009 07:28:20 PM
9th February 2009 07:28:27 PM
9th February 2009 07:28:41 PM
9th February 2009 07:28:43 PM
9th February 2009 07:28:50 PM
9th February 2009 07:29:05 PM
9th February 2009 07:29:09 PM
9th February 2009 07:29:11 PM
9th February 2009 07:29:32 PM
9th February 2009 07:32:40 PM
9th February 2009 07:32:41 PM
9th February 2009 07:33:00 PM

There have been other 'strange' activities happening with regards to lenses and other lensmasters -- whether or not they are all related remains to be seen. But, obviously this particular "lensmaster" who is on a speed-rating mission is not a happy camper.

UPDATE: Evelyn Wood was actually a guy from Brick, New Jersey who also was living in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He had at least 9 multiple IDs on Squidoo and was busy using them to one star Squidoo lenses. We knew who he was and so did Squidoo.

UPDATE TAKE TWO: Evelyn Wood banned from HubPages! Yeah, man! Karma will surely get YOU in the end.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Topicability, Topicability, Topicability

Topicability, Topicability, Topicability as in Location, Location, Location! What does Topicability have to do with Location? Well, if you are into real estate you undoubtedly know that the mantra for selling real estate is "location, location, location." That is, the importance of location as it relates to a property being hot or prime for a sale.

Likewise, topicability carries that type of importance with regards to a Squidoo lens, blog post, website, or ANY online news article for that matter. The higher the topicability quotient, the higher the prime index of that page. The higher the prime index of that page will generally mean:
  • higher traffic count
  • more returning visitors
  • longer visits
A compelling argument for topicability is demonstrated by this chart of some typical visit lengths. A whopping 82.6% of visits are less than 5 seconds which isn't enough time to read the entire page, but enough time to quickly scan the page -- like an Evelyn Wood speed reader -- and move on to the next page. The next time segment of 5 to 30 seconds accounts for 4.4% of visits and is still not enough time to adequately evaluate the page.

30 seconds to 5 minutes accounts for 6.6% of the visits which works on short lenses for enough time to assess the gist of the page. 5 to 20 minutes accounts for 2.5% of visit length which is also about the percentages I was schooled to expect for a direct marketing campaign. Slightly less than 1.0% @ 0.8% of the visit length are 20 minutes to an hour! That would seem to mean that you have engaged your reader fairly well.

What is interesting to note is that visit lengths of longer than an hour or 3.1% of the total exceeds the expected average of most direct marketing and online campaigns. Visitors are spending time reading Squidoo lenses and checking out other lenses in lensmasters' profiles.

If you've got a cooking lens, you might have interested a few thousand people to try one of your recipes. If you've written a 'how-to' lens, you're probably helping out some newbies. If you've spotlighted a hot ticket item, you've probably caught some reader's eye. If you've got the traffic, you've probably clicked with the topicability index.

After all, if you build it, they will come!

Evelyn Wood is reading and rating Squidoo lenses

New Jersey speed reader and rater of Squidoo lenses
So, Evelyn Wood is reading and rating Squidoo lenses? Well, who the heck is Evelyn Wood anyway? Evelyn Wood was a teacher known as "the Pioneer of Speed Reading." She taught herself to read very quickly by watching fast readers.
Her method is to read every word by using a finger or pointer, such as a pen to move under each line of text at a steady pace.
Her system is based on the idea that every person reads a word at the same rate, but a poor reader re-reads words. The pacing hand prevents re-reading, the brain does not need to interpret a jumble of words, with a resulting increase in comprehension, speed, and enjoyment.

Evelyn Wood passed away in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona. But, an Evelyn Wood speed reader is alive and living in New Jersey; quickly reading and rating lenses! Yes, there have been repeated sightings of this lensmaster who persists through sleet and snow to quickly visit and rate lenses every spare chance they get! The problem with this method of speed reading and rating is that little time, if any, is spent on a lens before a rating is left. That means that this lensmaster does not determine that the lens is quality or not before leaving the one star rating. This method of evaluation contradicts the intent of the 5 stars rating system currently in place.

There has been much discussion previously that Martha Stewart is reading Squidoo lenses for show ideas. She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and graduated from Nutley High School in Nutley, New Jersey. She sold her colonial-style farmhouse estate, Turkey Hill Farm, in Westport, Connecticut for $6.7 million -- 26% below the asking price. She owns a number of other properties including a 153-acre Katonah, New York estate. While Martha Stewart may be reading Squidoo lenses, it has been proven that she is NOT the Evelyn Wood speed reader.

If you search the Squidu Forum, you will find many, many threads on "how many lenses have your rated" and "how do you rate lenses with stars." There are those lensmasters who can quickly ascertain the star quality of a lens and rate it; then there are those lensmasters who take their time on a lens before evaluating with their star rating. Some lensmasters vehemently believe that you must use all the stars to evaluate a lens. Others will say that they will not leave a star if they cannot find it in their heart to leave 5 stars.

And, then there is the Evelyn Wood speed reader and rater from New Jersey!

UPDATE: Evelyn Wood was actually a guy from Brick, New Jersey who also was living in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He had at least 9 multiple IDs on Squidoo and was busy using them to one star Squidoo lenses. We knew who he was and so did Squidoo.

UPDATE TAKE TWO: Well, it seems we all moved on from Squidoo to HubPages. You know what? I recently found that our Evelyn Wood attained a new distinction of being BANNED from HubPages. How about that?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seasonality is more prevalent

October lens traffic seasonalitySeasonality is more prevalent than ever these days! You undoubtedly have been experiencing the seasonality of your 401K, begrudgingly, thanks to the state of the economy. Gasoline prices rose to a record high and then mysteriously experienced a seasonality with a dip. Now those prices are climbing yet again.

December lens traffic seasonalityUsually, we expect to experience a seasonality -- or periodic fluctuation -- such as in retail sales around typical holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Easter for example.

If you are a seasoned lensmaster, you will have already experienced a seasonality with regards to the traffic to your holiday-specific lenses. I've selected 3 different holiday-specific lenses which have been around a while and captured the traffic patterns to give you an idea of seasonality in motion.

February lens traffic seasonalityThe trick, if there is a trick, is to not bank on only holiday-specific lenses. You can hedge your bets by covering all the holidays of the year; this will give you some decent traffic month-to-month provided you credibly promote them. I don't recommend that you 'spam' them to social media platforms.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Generate tag clouds from Twitter followers - Twittersheep

A cool application to generate tag clouds from Twitter followers - it's Twittersheep. It seems that a day doesn't go by that you don't hear about Twitter or about a new application that integrates with Twitter. Such a cool application is Twittersheep.

Twittersheep will look through the profiles of your followers and form a rather extensive tag cloud based on the tags found in your followers' profiles. I've included not quite half of my tag cloud.

What was interesting that the tags in my cloud of significant importance seem to be spot-on, topical with my interests. For example: marketing, internet, business, social, love, blogger, online, writer, marketer, squidoo.

Why not give it a try for yourself? Check out Twittersheep and see what you learn about your followers' interests!