Sunday, February 8, 2009

Evelyn Wood is reading and rating Squidoo lenses

New Jersey speed reader and rater of Squidoo lenses
So, Evelyn Wood is reading and rating Squidoo lenses? Well, who the heck is Evelyn Wood anyway? Evelyn Wood was a teacher known as "the Pioneer of Speed Reading." She taught herself to read very quickly by watching fast readers.
Her method is to read every word by using a finger or pointer, such as a pen to move under each line of text at a steady pace.
Her system is based on the idea that every person reads a word at the same rate, but a poor reader re-reads words. The pacing hand prevents re-reading, the brain does not need to interpret a jumble of words, with a resulting increase in comprehension, speed, and enjoyment.

Evelyn Wood passed away in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona. But, an Evelyn Wood speed reader is alive and living in New Jersey; quickly reading and rating lenses! Yes, there have been repeated sightings of this lensmaster who persists through sleet and snow to quickly visit and rate lenses every spare chance they get! The problem with this method of speed reading and rating is that little time, if any, is spent on a lens before a rating is left. That means that this lensmaster does not determine that the lens is quality or not before leaving the one star rating. This method of evaluation contradicts the intent of the 5 stars rating system currently in place.

There has been much discussion previously that Martha Stewart is reading Squidoo lenses for show ideas. She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and graduated from Nutley High School in Nutley, New Jersey. She sold her colonial-style farmhouse estate, Turkey Hill Farm, in Westport, Connecticut for $6.7 million -- 26% below the asking price. She owns a number of other properties including a 153-acre Katonah, New York estate. While Martha Stewart may be reading Squidoo lenses, it has been proven that she is NOT the Evelyn Wood speed reader.

If you search the Squidu Forum, you will find many, many threads on "how many lenses have your rated" and "how do you rate lenses with stars." There are those lensmasters who can quickly ascertain the star quality of a lens and rate it; then there are those lensmasters who take their time on a lens before evaluating with their star rating. Some lensmasters vehemently believe that you must use all the stars to evaluate a lens. Others will say that they will not leave a star if they cannot find it in their heart to leave 5 stars.

And, then there is the Evelyn Wood speed reader and rater from New Jersey!

UPDATE: Evelyn Wood was actually a guy from Brick, New Jersey who also was living in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He had at least 9 multiple IDs on Squidoo and was busy using them to one star Squidoo lenses. We knew who he was and so did Squidoo.

UPDATE TAKE TWO: Well, it seems we all moved on from Squidoo to HubPages. You know what? I recently found that our Evelyn Wood attained a new distinction of being BANNED from HubPages. How about that?


AJ said...

Well I hope Evelyn Wood speed 1 star rater of Squidoo lenses runs out of energy very soon! Its one thing to give a lens a 1 star rating when it deserves it, but this is something else.

Susan said...

So, can she (assuming it's really a she) be stopped? My computer can't even open that many lenses that fast, so obviously there's something rotten in Denmark (or wherever she's from).

Jaguar Julie said...

Thanks AJ and Susan for dropping by today -- your comments are much appreciated. AJ, yes you've hit the nail on the head -- "this is something else." A 1 star rating on a lens that might be less than quality or spammy may be deserved, but not on a 5 star lens. Susan, yes "there's something rotten in Denmark" but actually in New Jersey where it can be just as cold! A pretty fast computer connection and pretty fast reader and rater! Hopefully this has been nipped in the bud! ;)

MiMi said...

Methinks I know her: She lives in Dastardly, New Jersey! Unfortunately, she got sidetracked on her personal-growth journey. Hopefully, by now she knows that speed reading will never be "self-improvement." ...Evelyn, if you're reading this, I lovingly recommend any of the books by Wayne Dyer or Marianne Williamson. :) ...Love to all!

Tipi said...

I've had my own suspicions on who is being so darn low and darn right mean. - I like your blog post and investigation skills. - Thank you for endeavoring to preserver, because you are truly a roll model to all of us on Squidoo!

drifter said...

I bet there's some kinda mob scam going on here. After all, it IS New Jersey. Probably something to do with 'eliminating' the udder guy. Capiche?

Bug said...

Thanks for your article.
I have been putting a lot of effort and trying to write long, informative and really nice looking lenses and have been receiving 5 stars. Today there was someone who came and rated all my lenses 1 star. I cannot believe it! I don't know who's that mean. But is there a way to see who's rating your lenses??
I'm so frustrated right now!

Jaguar Julie said...

Well, 2:44pm today, February 22, 2010, that lensmaster has returned again to repeat their one star journey through my lenses. I'd recommend that you put that PASSION into writing lenses or doing some good rather than venting on my lenses. Karma is a tough nut.

lawineaux said...

I know from lots of experience rating Squidoo lenses that doing so quickly often results in the dreaded one-star bug, despite the number of stars the reviewer intended to give. Personally I don't like the star rating system and wish Squidoo would replace it with a transparent thumbs up/down system, similar to making a lens a favorite. When people have the ability to harm a lensmaster by leaving lousy ratings anonymously, it hurts everyone. Yeah, I know you still get a boost. But who wants to deal with a crappy rating and wonder where it came from? A popular lensmaster like you, Julie, is bound to be a target. I've only seen one other excellent lensmaster with such a high number of sub-5-star lenses. That person was viciously targeted and has since left Squidoo for the most part. Very sad, indeed.

Jaguar Julie said...

Hey there Kim! Gosh you caught me working a little later tonight, probably because of the Return of Evelyn Wood. Too bad that guy doesn't channel himself into creating quality lenses and putting forward positivity? Probably would be more successful at that.

Oh, I do believe I know which lensmaster you speak of! I too pony up on the side of getting rid of that star rating system as it is too easily abused ... and especially considering all the multiple IDs that some lensmasters set up.