Thursday, December 18, 2008

Six Months with Seth - SusanVillasLewis

SusanVillasLewisCongratulations to fellow Squidoo lensmaster SusanVillasLewis who is one of several talented individuals who have been tapped to spend six months studying with Seth Godin -- as outlined in his Squidoo lens. What a remarkable opportunity! Not your standard MBA, but a new twist on getting experience in the real world.

Susan describes herself as "just a good old Texas gal having some fun online!" Susan has been a Squidoo lensmaster since August 21, 2007 and is a Giant Squid having created 180 lenses. She's also quite an active blogger with Life of Lewister, a personal blog about her life and Squidoo activities. Book Bindings is her blog about books in her life. Baby Quilt Queen is a sweet blog about baby quilt patterns. Sesame Street Birthday is a fun blog with tips for throwing a Sesame Street Birthday Party! Those are just a few of her many blogs!

In Seth's blog post, the best and the brightest, he says, "The ten people I've chosen are just astonishing, each and every one of them." I'm thrilled to hear that Susan Villas Lewis is one of those 10! The six month session begins on January 19, 2009 in New York. You go girl!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What's YOUR Tweet Worth

What is your tweet worth twittadTwits, Tweets, Twitter, Twittads = What's YOUR Tweet Worth? Are you using your Twitter account efficiently? Twitter is such a cool resource for connecting with others worldwide. What I particularly love about it is that I've been learning each day to be more succinct in my tweets -- to capture the essence of what I'm trying to say in a nutshell. And, my hubby is thrilled about that as he thinks I have the tendency to go off on tangents and deviate from the original topic.

Today, I was checking out What's Your Tweet Worth -- you plug in your Twitter ID and then you find out how valuable you are on Twitter.

Carry that a bit further to TwittAd that connects advertisers with the users on Twitter to place product advertisements! I've not yet put my Twitter background up for sale, but I am thinking about it?

How about you? Are you listed there yet -- drop me a comment and let me know how it is working for you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Download copy of Tribes Q&A eBook

As a member of Seth Godin's Triiibes, I am one of over 3,700 members who had the distinct pleasure to interact with triiibesters around the world. One of the most amazingly talented triiibesters I met is Paul Durban. His design for the "Tribes Q&A" eBook is quite amazing. Above is the trailer Paul produced to promote that eBook, based on Seth Godin's best selling book, "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us."

Would you like to check out that great "Tribes Q&A" ebook? Well, you can find your free copy here: