Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snapshot of Squidoo Splash Page

Good Sunday everyone! Today's Topicability blog post was completely spontaneous and unplanned. You see, this morning when I went to access my Squidoo dashboard, I was presented with the Squidoo Splash Page instead. It seems that I was logged out and was needing to log back in to get to my dashboard.

So, I am one who makes the very best of the occasion ... time for a Topicability blog post on the Snapshot of Squidoo Splash Page! And, how appropriate that this being a snapshot, that one of the prominent buzzwords I see in the official Wordle tag cloud ... ah, that would be Photo folks!

Well, actually Best and Photo too!  Other prominent buzzwords include Things, Ideas, Top, Home, List, Coloring, Make, Death, Quotes, Fun, and World.  And, that is a view of the top folks!

Wordle: Squidoo Splash Page of Top 5 Lenses in Topics
What is the Squidoo Splash Page? Why it is a "view of the top," it is a view of the top 5 Squidoo lenses in each of 30 Topics or Categories on Squidoo.  Milling around the SquidU Forum, one can hear much often times about the Squidoo Splash Page ... oh, it doesn't change; the same people are dominating or monopolizing the categories; it's not correct; some lenses shouldn't be there; or some lensmasters express pride at having more than one lens on that splash page; oh, lots of things are said!

You know I was one of the several Squidoo lensmasters who has made suggestions to improve the showcase of the splash page LIKE: oh, let's make it a magazine style; let's showcase more lensmasters and lenses to not show favoritism; let's do a slideshow -- oh, we did have something like a slideshow once upon a time.  I'm not sure how that slideshow panned out, but for me, I was seeing the same lensmasters over and over again.  I'm thinking a cascading slideshow, thumbnails to cycle through more than the top 5 lenses in each topic or category.  I'm thinking NOT a static page ... let's showcase as many worthy lenses and lensmasters as we can and not the usual, same players who might be dominating or monopolizing the topics.

Let's make it like GOING to the MOVIES ... Time-out for a commercial to introduce you to some best, top picks in camcorders!  I've actually bought the Panasonic for my other half, and the Canon for ME! You might have seen MY first videos ===> these little bandits will surely capture your soul(s) too!  My prediction: YOU will be seeing MORE videos of Jacksonville Florida soon.  ;)

And, I am for the platform of a turkey in everyone's oven with stuffed cabbage rolls cooking on the stovetop!  Oh, did you happen to see my lenses on Stuffed Cabbage and My Platform -- For the People? Yes, I am FOR the people and for non-partisanship and equality. I hate politics, you know? But, I surely DO love Stuffed Cabbage Rolls -- like my grandma Julia Nagy made!

Hello all you regular Squidoo readers! You surely know by now that I've been profiling a view of the top 100 of the various Squidoo Topics.  We will return to this series really soon!  Here are the previous top 100 Topicability blog posts:
Oh wow!  Have you seen Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... will there be a NEW lens at the top soon? Were YOU brave enough to actually participate in the Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private? Well then ... Rock on with your good selves!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy Purple Cow Stars Take 2

Good Day Purple Star Fans and welcome to Holy Purple Cow Stars Take 2.  Today is the six-week update on the purple star award tally on Squidoo.  Whew, what a lot of work it is nominating, reviewing and rewarding these purple star awards!  Yes it is.

Out first and last report on the purple stars awarded to Squidoo lenses was on June 5th which detailed the 1,267 purple stars which had been awarded thus far.  Today's reporting of the breakdown on the Squidoo lensmasters with purple stars reveals there have been 1,350 ... that's not quite 100 additional purple stars.

If you recall, our previous leader was Editor Dave with 18 purple stars. We show Editor Dave has gained another purple star to hold on to that purple star lead with 19! Kim Giancaterino holds on, again, to second place with 17 purple stars. We have two Squidoo lensmasters holding on to third place with 15 purple stars; kiwisoutback and Treasures-By-Brenda.

Here is the official purple star award line-up, showing number of purple stars awarded and listing the respective Squidoo lensmasters alphabetically!
  • 19 -- Editor Dave
  • 17 -- KimGiancaterino
  • 15 -- kiwisoutback, Treasures-By-Brenda
  • 14 -- BigGirlBlue, drifter0658, janices7, Sylvestermouse
  • 13 -- Enslavedbyfaeries, kab, OhMe, stargazer00, tandemonimom
  • 11 -- aj2008, Evelyn_Saenz, Greekgeek, Heather426, JaguarJulie, skiesgreen, susannaduffy, WindyWinters
  • 10 -- chefkeem, Comfortdoc, Pastiche, quippingqueen, Ramkitten, Susan52, The_Party_Animal
Wordle: Squidoo Purple Star Awarded LensmastersWordle: Squidoo Purple Star Awarded Lensmasters
  • 9 -- 24websurf, bethd821, boshemia, Christene, clouda9, ElizabethJeanAllen, Joan4, Spook, Stazjia
  • 8 -- kimmanleyort, LindaJM, mbgphoto, monarch13, NanLT, naturegirl7, Norma_Budden, paperfacets, pkmcr, Pukeko, sandyspider, ThomasC
  • 7 -- _Joan_, BevsPaper, ChapelHillFiddler, lakeerieartists, lisadh, makingamark, MeltedRachel, Mickie_G, mysticmama, vallain, WhiteOak50
  • 6 - a_willow, AndyPo, Barkely, CDT, ClassyGals, Crystal_Booth, Frankster, hlkljgk, Jimmie, jptanabe, KathyMcGraw, LoKackl, luvmyludwig, MiaBellezza, mukunda22, spirituality, thefluffanutta, theraggededge
Wordle: Squidoo Purple Star Awarded LensesWordle: Squidoo Purple Star Awarded Lenses

  • 5 -- arncyn, badmsm, dc64, EverythingMouse, GrowWear, j_barnhart4, Janet21, Jewelsofawe, JoyfulPamela, Kate-Phizackerley, Ladymermaid, mulberry, Noadi, partybuzz, SemperFidelis, Sojourn, TheGreenerMe, Tipi, tirial, triathlontraining, WhitePineLane
  • 4 -- ArtByLinda, AslanBooks, BarbRad,, Chadrew, CleanerLife, daria369, gmarlett, Gordon_Hamilton, GroovyFinds, GypsyPirate, HorseAndPony, inkserotica, jkvkdailey, Laniann, LeanneChesser, LizMac60, lou16, mbrownauthor, missbat, Octavias0fferings, Peggy707, poddys, prosperity66, relache, Rob_W, Romaxx, ronpass, seashell2, SoyCandleLover-Maker, Squidster, strayspay, SusanVillasLewis, Victoria_Neely, WebSpinstress, WordCustard
  • 3 -- andreaberrios, bdkz, boutiqueshops, Bradshaw, CherylK, CreativeArtist, dagsmith, daybreak, DMedley, draik, EelKat, Ener-G, flowergardener, Flynn_the_Cat, GonnaFly, GramaBarb, happynutritionist, jbdkz, JohannTheDog, Laddoo, LotusPetalYoga, Mac33, Macs, Marelisa, Margo_Arrowsmith, Michey, MissMerFaery, N376, NAIZA, ottoblotto, poutine, rms, smange, voodoomama, Wysiwigs

  • 2 -- AddaptAbilities, AllThingsMichigan, anthropos, athomemomblog, awelldressedbullet, azpoppy, blondeheroine, Brookelorren, Caseyfern, CCGAL, charlino, Christopher_Scott, crosscreations, CrypticFragments, DessertLover, Dkprincess6, eclecticeducation, ElleDeeEsse, EternalFlame, Euryale, fefe, flighty02, flowski, Freaknoodles, genglo, gkygrl, hmsweaver, Irenemaria, jeffryv, JJNW, johndilbeck, JustBon-Crochet-Designs, Karendelac, katiyana, Kylyssa, LakeMom, LauraSchofield, lisakleinweber, Loyalis, Margaret_Schaut, michaelgibbons, MikeMoore, mosaic, NancyOram, NicoleRoberts, nightcats, nyfamily5, Pantherart, papawu, Photahsiamirabel, Pixelrage, puzzlemaker, Rajays, RichLeigh, rockycha, sandralynnsparks, Shar, SimeyC, squidoohelp, sukkran, The_Homeopath, thesuccess, Tiddledeewinks, TrinaSonnenberg, unique_freak77, vanidiana, vbright105, Webcodes, whitemoss, ZachG

  • 1 -- 4U2C, AdrienneJenkins, aidenw, Aldric_Chang, AlishaV, allthatiscute, alteredkat, amandaquerque, AtHomeSource, babygirlboutique, Barrie, bcarter, bechand, beeobrien, bernadette1, Bob_Druwing, boredofeducation, BrandyT, burgessvillian, Bus_Stop_Toy_Shop, ByRoy, Carmel_Aaron, cary_quirkoutcom, Charlyjl, chloecavanaugh, Clairwil, confetta, CosmeticMom, danthemans, daoine, d-artist, Dawn_Mathisen_aka_Candle_Dawn, ddixonart, Diamond_Wizard, Donnette, ebay-grandma, EbizTaxTips, Eclectic_Muse, Ecolicious, emmalarkins, EuroSquid, flipflopnana, gods_grace_notes, grannysage, grayth, groovyoldlady, guardianstar77, GypsyOwl, hollandnumerics, HotbuttonPress, icjackson, imaginemdd, IntuitiveHealer, JanaMurray, JanTUB, Janusz, jeffwend, JenniferAkers, JenOfChicago, JimH, kajohu, KarateKatGraphics, KathrynDarden, kcbaker1, kellywissink, Kelsey-Budden-16, Kharadriisa, KimberlyDawnWells, KNicholls, Kyecerulian, Lady_Gotrocks, lollyj, Lou1842, lwhitelaw, Magicality, Makita, marsha32, MeganCasey, MobyD, motorpurrr, MrLewisSmile, Mrs_R, MsSnow4a, mynameiskate, nDee, nightbear, Not-Pop, ohcaroline, OneFootPutt, oneskms, only1bub, PatinKC, PeopleLive, PJ_Deneen, pmolinero, pyle_mountain, QueSea, ravedid, Rewards4life, RickBasset, RinchenChodron, rksmythe, rlmodranski, RMJ1940, Roving_Band, Samanthie, Sammie, SandraRose, Sarah, seedplanter, seegreen, SeeMyHealthyHairGrow, SherryHolderHunt, ShirlW, shwetashah, sirkeystone, SquidooKimberly, StaciJansma, steveffeo, Superwife, Tallguy2, TeaLady, Teddi14, The_Health_Lady, TheLeftFitz, thrivingmom, Tiffany, TopMovieSoundtracks, Trekkiemelissa, tssfacts, Twmarsh, ulla_hennig, Vacation-In-My-Head, Vladi, Waxing-Lyrical, weavz, webnh, webseitler, WeddingZazzle, Wednesday_Elf, WendyKrick, WhippetTalk, WhitneyWells, WhitU4ever, Winter52, xtnshun

P.S. By the way, have you seen my purple star awarded, Squidoo lens, Jaguar Julie -- Lensography of a WAHWW?  On that lensography, I have a very special Purple Star Award page which details those 11 purple stars that have been awarded on my 645 lenses. And, another VERY special page is the Purple Star Worthy Guide which presents about 25 Squidoo lenses that I feel are worthy of being nominated for a purple star. I'm not nominating my own Squidoo lenses, but I thought it would be kind of fun to let others know just what lenses I consider, of mine, to be purple star award worthy. You know?  Have a purple cow fantastic weekend folks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time Out for a Smile Ad from Google

Good day visitors, fans, friends, Earthlings, Martians and enthusiasts!  Yes, indeed, it is time for a little "time out for a smile ad from Google!"  BTW, if you were to do a Google search on  "putting words in my mouth" squidoo, the top three search results would lead you to three of my Squidoo lenses:
  1. People Say the DARNDEST Things
  2. Putting Words in My Mouth(s)
  3. Jaguar Julie Top Squidoo Lenses

If the truth be told, last night I was NOT smiling about the Google text ad that I found at the top of my Squidoo lens on Jayne Mansfield. Thanks to Megan Casey for taking care of it so quickly and efficiently -- I do SO appreciate that. Thankfully, Jayne Mansfield isn't one of my top lenses, so the number of people who may have not been smiling about that, wouldn't have been too many, you know?

Let's take a look at #2 in the Google search results; i.e., Putting Words in My Mouth(s)! Well, aside from those instances where I have literally shuddered at the interpretation of my own words, or those instances where I have had words put into my mouth ... you know, when somebody says "this is what you said" and YOU didn't say that ... or you were "quoted" out of context and meant something else ... or somebody JUST makes things up? You know? Ok, Ok! We came here for some HUMOR this morning; some COMIC RELIEF.

What struck me as very funny this morning, I needed a good laugh, was the pairing of these two Google text ads along with that image of the Zebra's mouth and teeth which are obviously in need of dental attention; you know? Say hello to "emergency dentistry" and a "#1 Dental Plan."  Do those ads, paired with the image of the Zebra's mouth, make you smile too?

Putting Words in My Mouth : Now Live Here!

Oh, you and I both know it is NO laughing matter about how much it costs to go to the dentist.  It is indeed ironic, I say, that I just GOT dental insurance coverage and I won't even get the chance to use it!  Oh my!

Hello to my regular Squidoo readers! I've been profiling a view of the top ... the top 100 of the various Squidoo Topics.  We will return to this series really soon!  Thanks for taking time to say hello.
Whew!  I've written about the top Squidoo lens each day for over a year in Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... will there be a NEW lens at the top soon? Thanks to those who were "brave" enough to actually participate in the Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private? Appreciate it.  Rock on with your good selves!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 100 How to Squidoo Tips

It is the holiday for us in the USA today, July 5th.  You know what that means?  Undoubtedly, the servers over at Squidoo are literally teaming AND jamming with Squidoo lensmasters authoring top-notch, quality lenses about their passions, interests and expertise.  Well, probably along with what they had for July 4th.  Perhaps a barbeque or two?  Oh, and what about the fireworks?  We've been enjoying a private fireworks show from our next door neighbor ... over the past month!  I give him 5 stars and a LIKE.

Turning our focus today to the Top 100 Squidoo Topic / Category of Squidoo Tips, we come to a very important fork in the road.  On ANY social platform, the MOST important topic should be the Help category.  Would YOU not agree that any articles or "lenses" that reside in the Help category have got to be the very best and top-notch "helpful" lenses.  We demand real tips which are straightforward, honest and full of integrity!  Oh my.

Without further hubbub, here are two Wordle tag clouds which have imaged the various Squidoo lenses which landed in the Top 100 of Squidoo Tips on July 3, 2010.  First of all, it is MOST important to point out that the Wordle on the left is untouched, unedited.  Squidoo definitely IS the buzzword of choice, followed up by Lens and Lenses.  So, to explore the true topics and themes further, we scrubbed OUT those three words of Squidoo, Lens and Lenses to provide a truer view of the lenses.

Wordle: Squidoo Lenses in the Top 100 of Squidoo Tips Topic CategoryWordle: Squidoo Lenses in the Top 100 of Squidoo Tips Topic Category 2

As you look at the Wordle on the right, you can surely see MANY helpful topics there.  I've got to note that this particular Wordle, out of all those I've thus far generated, seems to have the MOST variety of topics.  Let's see, Tips jumps out followed up by Photo and Effects ... gee, we've previously actually seen a LOT of Photo and Effects in other Top 100 topics, you know?  What else do you see there?  Oh, maybe HTML, Free, Promote, Images, Resources and lots other buzzwords.

What about the Squidoo lensmaster with the most Squidoo lenses in the Squidoo Tips Topic?  Today’s Squidoo lensmaster in the spotlight is Tim aka thefluffanutta with 19 Squidoo lenses ranking in the Top 100 of the Squidoo Tips Topic / Category.

Over and over again, thefluffanutta has proven himself to be out front on the Squidoo SquidU Forum with helpful advice. You would expect that thefluffanutta would have the most lenses that have helpful tips. Thank you Tim, on behalf of myself and all the many Squidoo lensmasters YOU have helped over the years. It’s been good to have you there by our side.

Up next, is SquidooKimberly with 8 different Squidoo lenses in the Top 100; followed closely by Macs with 7; and both Greekgeek and Tipi each with 6. MeganCasey has secured 5 spots in the Top 100 of the Squidoo Tips Topic / Category. And then there is Sojourn with 3.

Several Squidoo lensmasters have secured 2 spots each in the Top 100 of the Squidoo Tips Topic / Category. Alphabetically, these Squidoo lensmasters include bdkz, flighty02, JaguarJulie, jeffryv, lakeerieartists, Loyalis, N376, RickyRobi, SammySpam, skiesgreen, stargazer00, AND triathlontraining.

Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters in Top 100 of Squidoo Tips Topic Category
Two of my Squidoo Tips lenses are in the Top 100 of the Squidoo Tips Topic / Category. They are two particular Squidoo lenses that I really think deserve to be there, you know? Squid Angel -- Blessings to YOU! and How to Squidoo -- A Step-by-Step Primer.  I have devoted a lot of my time on Squidoo to making MORE helpful Squidoo tips lenses which I think are worthy of being in that Top 100.  They cover a variety of helpful topics and show creative ways to use certain Squidoo modules or building blocks; like that "my lenses" module that I really like.

So, here is my commercial time-out to share with you these other very helpful Squidoo lenses in the Squidoo Tips Topic Category, by Jaguar Julie.  Maybe one day they will see the light of day?  ;)
  1. Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens
  2. Keywords Search -- What Brings in More Traffic
  3. Diary of Requested Features for Squidoo
  4. I Absolutely * Love * Squidoo!
  5. Squidoo Fans -- I * LOVE * My Fans!
  6. LOTD ** JaguarJulie Has How Many Lenses of the Day?
  7. Expanding Your Lens Publishing Power -- How-to Squidoo
  8. Buy Quality Lenses -- Created by Jaguar Julie
  9. Feed My Search -- The Module
  10. Squidoo Favorites -- Applause for the Squidoo Readers
  11. Jaguar Julie Top Squidoo Lenses
  12. Jaguar Julie Groupography

Today's spotlight focus on the very important Squidoo Tips Squidoo Topic is part of a continuing series of spotlight blog posts showcasing the many Squidoo Topics here in the Topicability blog.  Have YOU been following along?  Have you enjoyed the spotlights?  Have YOU been in the spotlight(s)?  More important, have YOU taken time to offer up a thought, suggestion or comment or something to tell us and the world that "you were here/there" and that you are trying to make a difference in the scheme of things?  You know?
Oh gosh and yes, I've written about the top Squidoo lens each day for over a year in Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... Are YOU just a little curious about what's been on top overall? And, have you already participated in THAT weird and slightly crazy Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private?  Ah, see ya around folks!  May the force be with YOU and your journey be a pleasurable one and may we hope that YOU are making a difference in the scheme of things.  You know?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well What ABOUT You and About Me

Hmmm, is that a rather cryptic title for this Topicability blog post?  If  you are from the United States, you probably get that; if you are from the United Kingdom, you might be thinking "what are you talking about?"  Remember my previous Jaguar Julie Blog On blog post, Who IS Listening I Wonder?
Well, I was wondering this morning "Who IS Listening?" And, more importantly "do they really get IT?" I honestly think that worldwide there is a bit of information and meaning that gets lost in translation. Sometimes you may have a humorous message and you wonder if that "humor" is totally understood?
Well What ABOUT You and About Me?

You probably noticed that I missed the first topic in the line-up, alphabetically speaking.  About Me.  Well, what about ABOUT ME?  Yes, indeed.  Today we are exploring the Squidoo Top 100 in the About Me Topic / Category.

Wordle: Squidoo Top 100 Lenses in About Me Topic Category

Take a look at the Wordle tag cloud for About Me. Isn't it pretty? I think it is particularly COOL people that Lensography is the primary buzzword there. We have thefluffanutta Tim to thank hugely for coining the word Lensography! Thank YOU Tim! You rock and are cool people too.What buzzwords I'm seeing next are Things, Life, List, Love, Bucket, Make, Squidoo and Happy ... oh and a bunch more!  Isn't that cool, people?  What do you see there?  That Wordle summarizes the various topics of those 100 lenses in the About Me category, the cream of the crop.

And, here would be that lens mosaic of the Squidoo lensmasters with the most lenses in the Top 100 of About Me!  The one Squidoo lensmaster with the most spots in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category is Momtothezoo with 4 lenses. She is followed up by jptanabe with 3 lenses in the Top 100.

Eight different Squidoo lensmasters have 2 lenses each in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category. Alphabetically they are: Evelyn_Saenz, JaguarJulie, Kylyssa, LeanneChesser, Ramkitten, Tipi, WebSpinstress, AND WindyWinters.

Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters in the Top 100 of About Me Topic

Seventy-Seven Squidoo lensmasters have a spot in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category. Yeah I say! This is the best, so to speak, representation thus far of all the categories or topics that I have taken time to spotlight here on the Topicability blog. You know? Sorry for the editorial comment, but I do really really think that the ABOUT ME topic should showcase ONE lens each that is the showcase lens on each Squidoo lensmaster – I’d like to see ALL Squidoo lensmasters with a showcase About Me lens that would be featured in this topic. P.S. Of course we are ASSUMING that none of these are multiple IDs for prominent or other Squidoo lensmasters, you know?

So, here are those 77 Squidoo lensmasters who have ONE spot in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category – shown alphabetically: 24websurf, a_willow, aj2008, AlishaV, ArtByLinda, bdkz, bethd821, Boshena, cdcraftee, Cherrybomb2009, chloecavanaugh, dagsmith, damagedinc, dannystaple, DARdreams, d-artist, dc64, dfishbac, Dkprincess6, EverythingMouse, flowergardener, Flynn_the_Cat, Hillandglen, hlkljgk, Janiece, JDWheeler, jennerator, JenOfChicago, Jewelsofawe, KimGiancaterino, KNicholls, LindaJM, lindarandall, LittleCansofBeans, LoKackl, Lotusland, loveunmeasured, luvmyludwig, madjewel, makingamark, Marti, mbgphoto, MoneyPearl19, NanLT, naturegirl7, neverbobomalem, OhMe, PatrickBernauw, Pmona, poisonousangel, ponchomeg, Pukeko, puzzlemaker, rickybuitrago, RocketMoms_Graduates, Rokusan, RyanAndersonP, ShirlW, sixfiguremonths, spirituality, spunkyduckling, Stazjia, StephenC, Susan52, susannaduffy, Sylvestermouse, thefluffanutta, theraggededge, Timewarp, Tinw, ulla_hennig, unbroken_hope, Vacation-In-My-Head, vallain, watercarfuel, WordCustard, AND x3xsolxdierx3x.

This spotlight on the About Me Squidoo Topic is part of a continuing series of spotlight blog posts showcasing the many Squidoo Topics here in the Topicability blog:
Yes, yes, yes!  I've captured that top Squidoo lens each day for over a year in Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens ... Curious about what's been on top overall? Want to participate in THAT crazy Hey Monkeybrain debate of mine about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private?