Thursday, June 24, 2010

Computers, Gadgets and Tech Oh My

Computers, Gadgets and Tech Oh My!! Good day everyone! On June 23, 2010, we presented the Top 100 in the DIY, Do It Yourself, topic on Squidoo. We hope you enjoyed that visual presentation and maybe got some DIY ideas for the Summer months!

Welcome to the Topicability blog post for today, June 24, 2010. It's Computers, Gadgets and Tech Oh My!  We took a moment, first thing this morning, to check out this category.

It was a random pick of the some 32 different topics or categories on Squidoo.  You see, we are able to look at the Top 100 in each of those categories ... you know that is some 3,200 spots which are competing against each other for a nod in the Top Tier of 2,000 spots!  That means, some 1,200 Squidoo lenses, which can make a Top 100 topic/category placement, just luck out of a Top Tier placement!  We're thinking all those spots need to be Top Tier; how about you?  Yes, no, or you are thinking about that?

So ... say hello to the wonderful tag cloud generating site, Wordle!  I surely do love my Wordle.  You know, a short while ago, I submitted a suggestion i.e. Requested Feature on the SquidU Forum for adding tag clouds to that very forum.  Oh, we had some interesting retorts, oh my!  Well, I'm still digging that idea despite some of my consistent followers who doth protest too much me thinks!  Hey, it's a good idea folks!

I was wondering, maybe you were too, what topicable lens might qualify for a spot in the Top 100 of the Computers, Gadgets and Tech topic/category. Of course I had to do another Wordle tag cloud.  I do better with analyzing some data when I can see a visualization like this.  Heck, a Wordle is perfect for visualization of data!

What is popping out at me in this Wordle visualization tag cloud are:  Photo, Best, Deleted, Top, Spy, Recover, Kindle, Editor, Card, Mac and a couple other techie ideas.

Wordle: Squidoo Top 100 Lenses in Computers, Gadgets & Tech Topic

Congratulations to dagsmith who has commanded an amazing number of lenses in the Top 100 of the Computers, Gadgets and Tech category with 18 Squidoo lenses ranked in the Top 100 of that one category.  Here is a visualization of that for you -- oh, it's not a Wordle though.

Continuing through the Top 100, we have a few more Squidoo lensmasters who managed to nab multiple placements with their Squidoo lenses.  These include Pixelrage who has 5; JimH and Spyphone_Guy each have 4; jean99 and pkmcr each have 3.

Last, but not least, each of these Squidoo lensmasters have 2 Squidoo lenses in the Top 100 of the Computers category: Abseaz, Crysis, GiselleSanchez, JamesRyan, KimberlyDawnWells, margin-strategies, MrLewisSmile, mulberry, nukemdomis, str8ballin85, UltraMilk, and webseitler.

Oh ... and the final Wordle of today's Topicability blog post is a tag cloud visualization of all the Squidoo lensmasters with lenses in the Top 100 of the Computers, Gadgets and Tech topic/category as captured bright and early on June 24, 2010.

Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters in the Top 100 of Computers, Gadgets & Tech
By the way, I've profiled the top Squidoo lens, for more than a year on a special Squidoo lens, Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens, in case you are curious what's been on top overall. Or, maybe you are wanting to participate in my Hey Monkeybrain debate about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private?

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