Friday, June 25, 2010

Spotlight on Parenting and Kids

Today, the Topicability spotlight is focusing on an important topic, Parenting and Kids.  Personally, I can think of NO other topic that should be at the top of our minds.  Where do we, as adults, turn for our introduction into life?  Our introduction into how to be good people, to treat our neighbor kindly, to be a better person?  How do we learn what is right or what is wrong?

Much has been said about the fact that parents should have a license to have children.  It is difficult to be a good parent these days.  Kids have to deal with so many more issues than when I was a kid.  Not only is there peer pressure, but there is bullying in school and bullying on the internet.  It is huge how the internet has opened up bullying to not only kids, but also to adults too!  Not only are kids being bullied, but adults are being bullied too!  Cyber-bullying today takes many shapes and sizes.  You think you are safe in your homes, but that is just not the case anymore!  I've sure seen plenty of it. OK, enough about that already.

I'm thinking, that the topic of Parenting and Kids on Squidoo should be able to address many of the topics from which parents would benefit.  How to be a better parent perhaps?  Or, how to raise great kids?  Or, how to talk to your kids?  Or, kids today need better parents?  Or, give that parent a license to have kids?  Well, you get where I'm coming from, right?

Here is a Wordle tag cloud which has imaged all the titles of the Top 100 Squidoo lenses in the Parenting and Kids topic / category as of June 24, 2010.  Those Top 100 lists are dynamic, and constantly changing, usually.  So, this is the edition as of June 24th!

Wordle: Squidoo Top 100 Parenting and Kids Topic Lenses

Don't you just love Wordle? I love how you can visualize topics to make an analytical assessment of creative content, or something!  What pops out of that Wordle for you?  For me?  I'd say I am focusing in on Kids, Birthday, Coloring, Party, Pages, Printable, Crafts, and Supplies.

A huge wow and congratulations to our Pastiche aka Lee Hansen who nabbed 17, that’s SEVENTEEN spots in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category. That’s pretty huge folks.  Congratulations Lee!

Coming up second in the number of spots is Janet21 who commanded 8 lenses in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category.  Congratulations Janet!

Bravo to GonnaFly for securing 4 lenses in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category. Three Squidoo lensmasters have nabbed 3 spots in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category. These include: JJNW, WorldVisionary, and glossym.

We have 5 Squidoo lensmasters who each have 2 spots in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category. These include: aj2008, janices7, MiaBellezza, The_Party_Animal, Lou1842.

Here is that Wordle tag cloud image of all the lensmasters commanding Squidoo lenses in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category.  Our kids are the next generation to lead the people.  Thanks and a tip of the hat to these lensmasters who are writing quality content and guides to help parents be better parents.  Yes, indeed!
Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters with the Top 100 Lenses in Parenting and Kids
Forty-eight Squidoo lenses out of the 100 are attributable to 11 different Squidoo lensmasters.  There are 52 different Squidoo lensmasters who each have one Squidoo lens in the Top 100 of the Parenting and Kids topic/category.  No, I'm not in the Top 100 there yet.  We do NOT readily know which of those 52 different lensmasters are really multiple IDs for other Squidoo lensmasters who might already have other lenses in the Top 100.  Multiple IDs are really a major topic for another Topicability blog post folks!

The Topicability Index has been focusing on the other topics or categories of Squidoo. Did you catch those posts? If not, here is a recap for you! I hope you enjoy them as I've provided lots of Wordle tag clouds and lots of image mosaic lists of the top lenses.
By the way, I've profiled the top Squidoo lens, for more than a year on a special Squidoo lens, Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens, in case you are curious what's been on top overall. Or, maybe you are wanting to participate in my Hey Monkeybrain debate about Squidoo Stats -- Public or Private?


Anonymous said...

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Jaguar Julie said...

Thank you Cali for dropping by today to pay us a visit. We sure do appreciate it and love seeing you.

And, a big thank you for the lovely movie recommendation.