Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Launch of Topicability : The Blog

I have been a blogger -- JaguarJulie -- for a few years on Google. As a Squidoo lensmaster, I wanted to launch another blog that would concentrate on the relevance of Squidoo Lenses. I came up with a name; i.e. Topicability. I thought it was pretty original, and only found a few examples of that word/name in a Google search.

Topicability : that which is relevant, of current interest, contemporary, spot-on.

Use in print : The publication of two completely independent books to the same problem underlines the worldwide topicability. Knowledge Miner. On the Relation of Data Mining and Knowledge Mining. Comments on "Self-Organising Data Mining" by Prof. J.-A. Mueller and F. Lemke. By Prof. A.G. Ivakhnenko, Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, Kiev.

I value "scopability" of association higher then its "topicability". Especially because "topicability" can be easily solved. --Nikita Ogievetsky.

Just a general remark: There is a sister list called "pd-ot" wheresuch things are always welcome regardless of on- or off-topicability. --Frank Barknecht.

Maybe Martha Stewart is just on the same wave length as me? Or, better yet ... she and her staff have recognized the topicability of Squidoo lenses? Hey, Monkeybrain, is topicability a word?

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